Utilities of the deferred payment with a card

We tell you how you can help the deferred payment of credit cards

This desired trip is approached, this reform that can not wait or that unforeseen expense. Situations thank you very much have flexibility to face those payments. For this, a possible alternative is credit cards, a means of payment that allows you to postpone the payment of expenses . But how exactly works?

A credit card has several payment methods, which allow you to pay all the spent on purchases the following month (without interest) or split the payment of purchases made in several months (with interest).

The BBVA credit cards can be easily managed from the bbva.es website or from the BBVA app. Quickly and from any site, card payments can be managed quickly and easily, so that the cardholder chooses, among several, the payment method that best suits their circumstances.

Methods of payment with a credit card

The first modality of payment is a total payment , which is set by default on the credit cards of O BBVA, except for the revolving ones. With this option, the amount of the sum of all the purchases made with the card will be charged to the associated account on the 5th of the following month, with no interest. It’s a way to postpone the following month’s purchases, and pay them without interest.

With the deferred payment you return the amount spent in several installments. You can choose between paying a fixed amount each month or paying a fixed percentage of what you spent. This modality entails the collection of interest, which is specified in the credit card agreement.

Lastly, the personalized payment allows you to split the payment of the transactions you choose, provided that these are more than € 50. You can choose between pay from 3 to 36 six months with interest or in 3 or 6 months in exchange for a commission.

It should be remembered that BBVA credit cards can be managed easily through the Internet , and can modify these types of payments at the moment. For more information, consult the complete catalog of BBVA cards and discover all its advantages.

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