How to get installment loans right now?

If you need financing for an unforeseen event, requesting a mini credit can be the solution- GAD page to check out. Whether for an unexpected expense to cover a month with more expenses than usual, if you ask for mini credits right now, you can get up to 750 euros through the Internet. Here you can check the list with the best offers in the market and choose the one that best suits you:

Hire mini credits now, is it a good option?

Everything will depend on the financial situation of each one. In times of need, when we need extra money to solve an unexpected event, we can come to the possibility of requesting mini credits now. The mini credits instantly allow us to get an amount that does not usually exceed 1,200 euros, although if we are new customers the maximum amount usually does not exceed 750 euros. Generally, they have a maximum return period of about 30 days and a cost of 1.1% per day, but everything will depend on the lender with whom we deal and the conditions offered.

Although they allow us to obtain money instantly, we must bear in mind that they are reimbursed in a maximum period of one month and must be reimbursed in a single payment, this means that if we request 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days, with a cost of 1, 1% daily, we will have to pay once a month 133 euros at one time, 100 euros requested plus 33 euros of interest. For this reason, in order to request mini credits, whether it is a good option, we must be completely sure that in a short period of time we will be able to face the reimbursement.

Currently, there are many entities that offer advantages to both new clients and former clients. For example, to be able to request minicréditos instantly that do not include without interest, return the money in more than one quota or discounts in the price, among many others.

How much money do fast mini-credits offer?

It depends on the company that grants us the loan and whether or not we are already customers. Normally the entities grant an amount that usually does not exceed 750 euros to new customers , although this maximum will vary between 300 euros and 500 euros in general, since by not requiring links or seniority to obtain them, the entity does not know us so the maximum for new customers will usually be much less than the amount that can be obtained by those who have already requested and reimbursed a mini-credit without problems.

However, once we have already requested and reimbursed the first mini credit within the agreed deadline and without problems, we will have the confidence of the entities of fast mini credits so we can access faster amounts of money that can reach up to 1,200 euros in some cases.

It is important to bear in mind that being able to get more capital, does not mean we should do it. Before requesting mini-credits without paperwork it is important to make a budget with the urgent money we need to avoid paying too much interest.

The average price of a mini loan right now

Mini credits are not as expensive as you might think; In fact, they come out cheaper than having an overdraft in the account. Its price varies depending on the amount requested and the term. The best way to compare several mini loans for their price is to calculate how much they cost 100 euros to 30 days. The average price of these products is 1.1% per day, which is equivalent to 33 euros for every 100 euros requested. However, we can find several entities that offer mini-credits at a lower price.

Mini-loans are a type of personal loans, but using the APR is not the best reference method to compare the best offers with each other. This indicator is not representative since it is an annual percentage and the usual repayment term of the mini immediate loans will not go beyond 30 days.

In some cases, we can hire mini credits totally free. The proliferation of companies specializing in microcredit has caused the competitiveness of the sector to increase greatly, so private lenders have begun to launch exclusive proposals to attract new customers and make their products more attractive than those of the competition. One of the main innovations is that now you can get mini credits now free, without commissions and with an interest of 0%.

Tricks to enjoy mini credits now and without paperwork

If we want to get mini credits right now because we need to have liquidity urgently, we just have to enter the page of a private lender, fill out your form and send it to them. The process to contract mini credits can now be processed entirely through the Internet and is usually granted in just a few minutes. However, although the entity has ordered the transfer of funds, there are times when the money may take up to two business days to arrive.

This is due to the particularity of bank transfers. While transfers between accounts of the same entity are made immediately, if this transfer is between accounts of different entities, the money will take longer to arrive. As the lenders do not work with all banks in Spain, if our account is of an entity with which the lenders of mini-credits do not work, we will take longer to receive the money.

Requirements to access mini online loans

Although fast mini-credits have a reputation for having few conditions to access them. Yes, it will be necessary to comply with a minimum of requirements that guarantee the company that we will be able to face the reimbursement without problems. These requirements will vary depending on the entity, although the vast majority usually request the following:

  • Be permanently resident in Spain and have a DNI or NIE.
  • Being over 21 or 25 years old, the minimum age to apply for mini credits will depend on each entity.
  • Enjoy regular, justifiable and sufficient income that allows us to face the reimbursement of the mini-credits without problems within the established period
  • Not be registered in files of defaulters as ASNEF. In any case, there are some entities that will allow us to obtain financing while at ASNEF, provided that the debt for which we were enrolled does not exceed 500 euros and that it does not come from a non-payment to another financial entity.

To know if we comply with these requirements, the mini-credit entities will already analyze the data of the application form, the documents that we send and the different databases such as CIRBE or ASNEF. These analyzes will be carried out at the moment of the request and will only last a few minutes, so we can get an immediate response.

The 3 fundamental aspects if we ask for mini credits and

Before asking for immediate mini loans, we must bear in mind that these products have conditions very different from those of bank loans that are usually contracted to finance projects. For that reason, it is convenient that we know what the basic characteristics of the mini credits are and what precautions it is advisable to take when hiring them to do it responsibly:

  1. Mini-credits are already easy products to obtain, but they are more expensive than a personal loan. We must carefully evaluate all financing options at our disposal before making a decision. It is also important to ask if we really need that money or if we can wait and save.
  2. They have a short return period. The mini credits usually do not have a term superior to the 30 days and it is necessary to make sure that to the expiration of this one we can reimburse the interests and the capital. In case of default, we will see our name appear on lists like ASNEF or RAI and our debt will increase considerably.
  3. Reimbursing another loan with a mini credit is never recommended. In this case, we run the risk of entering into a spiral of debt that can be very damaging to our personal economy.

We must take into account these tips to avoid over-indebtedness with mini loans only DNI and enter a debt spiral from which we will find it very difficult to leave. In addition, it is always essential to be completely sure that we can cope with the reimbursement of the mini-credits without problems and within the agreed period.

How profitable are the treasury bills?

Qué rentabilidad dan las letras del tesoro The treasury bills are short-term assets issued by the State, which have been and are one of the favorite financial products of those investors with a more conservative profile as a method to take the profit out of their savings in a safe manner. This type of investors is willing to receive a lower return in exchange for a guarantee that ensures their investment. However, currently, the profitability of treasury bills has experienced a large decrease and is no longer attractive to these investors.

The treasury bills, therefore, are public debt securities issued by the State for financing, whose value is € 1,000 and are issued by auction at a term of 3, 6, 12 or 18 months.


How is the profitability of treasury bills calculated?

How is the profitability of treasury bills calculated?

The profitability of treasury bills does not have the same performance as public bonds, that is, the investor does not charge coupons periodically but the securities are issued at discount. This means that at the time of purchase of the treasury bill, a price is paid below its original value and upon the expiration of the transaction, the investor receives the difference.

For example, suppose that a treasury bill has a nominal value of 1,000 euros but the investor pays 950 euros to acquire that letter. After the end of the period, the investor receives 50 euros difference, which would imply that the profitability of the treasury bill, in this case, is 5%. To this profitability of the treasury bills must be added commissions that are normally imposed by the Bank of Spain, which are set at 0.15% of the value of the investment with a minimum interval of 0.9 euros and a maximum of 200 euros.


How profitable are the treasury bills currently?

Currently, it is not the best time to invest in this type of public debt, since the profitability of treasury bills is at historic lows.

In the last auctions of treasury bills made by the State, negative interest rates have been recorded, with values between -0.4 and -0.15%.


Why do investors invest even when the profitability of the treasury bills is negative?

Why do investors invest even when the profitability of the treasury bills is negative?

If we look at the profitability of treasury bills today, why are there still investors willing to finance the government to negative interests?

The reason why there are still investors willing to invest in treasury bills is that they take into account the type of inflation at a certain time to calculate whether or not they can get profitability for their money with the treasury bills.

If the inflation is below the interest rate at which the treasury bills are issued, even if it is negative, the profitability of the treasury bills will continue to be positive.


How long will the profitability of treasury bills last at this time?

This current situation, in which there are negative interest rates in the issuance of debt benefits the State since it allows it to be financed without cost.

But these rates will not last in the long term, since as soon as Europe regains economic stability prices will start to rise and inflation will moderate, which will lead the European Central Bank to raise interest rates again.


How is the profitability of the treasury bills in Spain?


In February of this same year, the profitability of 12-month treasury bills was offered with an average yield of 0%. This implies that the Spanish State has been financed for one year free of charge. There have even been seasons in which the profitability of the treasury bills has been negative, which in broad strokes would imply that it has charged for its financing.

However, given this profitability given by the negative treasury bills, the Bank of Spain wanted to protect the small investor by modifying the regulations with the objective of not allowing those yields that give the negative treasury bills to reach small savers by awarding them in said case an average price.


What are the reasons that have caused the yields of treasury revenues to fall in Spain?

There are several reasons that influence and can make the profitability of treasury bills vary over time. One reason why the profitability of treasury bills has decreased is currently the program carried out by the European Central Bank, dedicated to the purchase of debt from countries belonging to the European Union, which has caused yields to decrease because this It grants a higher level of security to the countries to which debt is purchased as in the case of Spain.


What are the alternatives to the low profitability of treasury bills?

Rentabilidad de las letras del tesoroAs we have seen, the profitability of treasury bills has decreased slightly, which is bad news for those savers who do not want to take risks in their investments. However, alternatives have appeared that offer an interesting return, with a different term and with investment security. We are referring to the investment in loans through Crowdlending. From MytripleA we collaborate with Reciprocal Guarantee Companies that are in charge of endorsing some of the loans of the platform offering and thus guaranteeing the investors who decide to fund the loan a great profitability. On the other hand, those loans that are not guaranteed by Reciprocal Guarantee Companies are associated with a valuation rating offered by our platform that ranges from A + to F, based on this rating the investor can decide the risk that he wants to assume.





The financing of municipal social services has increased by 41.83% in 2016



Specifically, the budget allocated to financing the basic programs developed by the basic social services has been increased by 1.2 million euros, reaching 13.7 million,

which has allowed an increase of the financing module for this year of 12.5%. It is about the reception and social orientation program; personal autonomy and attention to dependence; childhood; and social incorporation.

Since 2012 and until 2015 the financing module has remained at 1,200 euros, a figure that has increased in 2016 to 1,568.88 euros. This has allowed 30 local entities to increase their financing with respect to 2015, with an average increase of 10.77%, the Regional Executive said in a statement.

To date, a total amount of 10,638,871.75 euros has been paid. Currently it is pending to order the fourth payment (25% of the financing), which will take place next January, as stipulated in the Regional Decree 32/2013, which approves the regulations for the development of the Regional Law of Social Services in terms of Programs and Financing of Social Services.

The agreements currently in force were signed between the months of September and October 2013, for the same year and for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016. The financing conditions included in these agreements are those contemplated in the aforementioned Regional Decree. For 2017, the signing of new financing agreements is foreseen in the terms included in the aforementioned Regional Decree, currently in force.

However, one of the priority lines of work of the Department of Social Rights for the year 2017 is the revision of the Primary Care of Social Services issue that, together with the approval of the inclusion plan, will allow to frame the strategic actions in the field of services social, as well as their real needs in terms of funding, benefits and staff and make a new Financing Decree according to the aforementioned.

Both the financing of the Basic Social Services and the review of primary care are issues that the Department of Social Rights will work jointly and in partnership with local entities



The program of social employment protected for 2016 has had 6,000,000 euros, representing an overall increase of 214.30% over the budget approved in the previous year, and is expected to end the year with more than 1,000 contracts thanks to this program. The number of local entities benefiting from socially protected employment programs has been a total of 44, six more than in the previous period.

The commitment to Social Protected Employment has enabled the development of recruitment projects through the methodology of social and individualized accompaniment of people receiving guaranteed income.

In this sense, those developed in Cintruénigo stand out, whose budget has increased by 400%; as well as those of Carcastillo, Corella, Estella, Etxarri Aranatz, Irurtzun, Olite, Peralta, San Adrián, Ultzama and Villava, with more than 300% increase. Eleven other localities have increased their budgetary appropriation by more than 200%; and nine in percentages higher than 100%.



In 2016, a total of 44 local entities have been beneficiaries of the call for grants for the development of social emergency programs by local entities holding basic social services, with a global budget allocation of 2,000,000 euros.

Last year, and as one of the first extraordinary measures of the new government aimed at combating poverty, through these aids were attended to 9,604 people in areas such as the prevention of evictions for non-payment of rent or mortgages, energy poverty and other health costs , educational or food.

The purpose of this subsidy is to facilitate basic social services to carry out social emergency aid programs, intended for those with economic and / or socio-sanitary needs that present serious difficulties to cover their basic accommodation needs urgently and immediately. , energy, nutrition, health and education, being an instrument of prevention and support for social intervention.

With respect to the payment of subsidies, both for social protected employment and social emergency aid, this is done as the local entities present the corresponding economic justification, except in those cases that have requested an advance of the subsidy. To date, a total amount of 3,680,506.11 euros has been paid. The rest will be paid the month after the local entities proceed to its justification.


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BBVA Insurance More Health


In medical matters, get in good hands with the BBVA Health Insurance .


  • Access to the medical staff of Sanitas. More than 40,000 professionals in more than 1,200 medical centers.
  • If you already have your BBVA Insurance, manage your policy and access other services through the BBVA Salud app or the Mi Sanitas-BBVA Salud website .
  • Including it in Plan EstarSeguro you can save on the receipt of your BBVA insurance.

What is the BBVA Plus Salud Insurance?

It is a private medical insurance that offers coverage throughout the national territory and puts at your disposal more than 40,000 professionals and more than 1,200 medical centers in Sanitas.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at people up to 75 who seek medical insurance that provides quality, convenience and speed.

Which are your principal characteristics?

  • You can choose between 2 types of health insurance according to your needs:
    • BBVA More Essential Health : It is a modality with the same coverages as BBVA Más Salud, but with a lower fee and a higher amount of co-payments, so that it pays only for what it uses.
    • BBVA More Health. It is the average mode, which allows you to customize the basic coverage according to your needs. You can hire it with or without co-payments (!) :
      • With co-payments: In which you will not pay anything for the first 6 annual medical services.
      • No copayments: Aimed at people who do not wish to make any additional payment for the use of medical services.
  • The insurance premium is annual, but the fee is paid monthly.
  • Including it in Plan EstarSeguro you can save on the receipt of your BBVA insurance.
  • The insurance is renewable annually.
Copayment 2018 More Health with co-payments Copayment 2018 More Essential Health with co-payments
From 0 to 6 services € 0 From 0 to 3 services € 4
From 7 to 10 services € 4 From 4 to 10 services € 7
From 11 to 15 services € 7 From 11 to 15 services € 10
More than 15 services € 10 More than 15 services € 15


Single co-payment for high-frequency services More Health with co-payments (i) More Essential Health
10 physiotherapy sessions € 12 € 20
30 days of oxygen therapy € 12 € 20
30 days for BPAP and CPAC € 12 € 20
15 days for spray € 12 € 20
15 sessions of ventiloterapia € 12 € 20
Preparation for Childbirth € 12 € 20
Delivery or cesarean section € 12 € 20
Complex diagnostic tests   € 12
Complex therapeutic methods   € 12
Emergency   € 8
Dental   € 3


What requirements are necessary?

You must fill out a simple medical questionnaire and, if necessary, we will make a medical survey by phone or a medical examination.

To contract it, you must be between 0 and 75 years old . There is no maximum age to finalize the insurance.

For any questions, ask your personal manager .

() Glossary

Copayment : is a system by which the user pays a minimum amount every time he uses a general medical service, contained in the insurance policy.

The coverages included in each modality are:


Basic coverages BBVA Modality More Essential Health
BBVA Modality More Health (with or without co-payments)

Primary medicine


Medical specialties (gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology …)


Diagnostic tests (clinical analysis, x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, etc.)


Monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth

Surgical interventions Yes


Therapeutic methods (oncology, radiotherapy, physiotherapy …) Yes
Second medical opinion Included Yes


Other coverages BBVA Modality More Essential Health
BBVA Modality More Health (with or without co-payments)


Dental 21 (¡)
University of Navarra Clinic (¡) Optional (from € 16 / month per insured)

Assistance in the United States



Yes (without limit)

Emergencies abroad

Yes (limit € 12,000 / person)
Chiropody 6 sessions


15 sessions
Logofoniatría Included Yes
Prevention programs Yes
Telephone emergencies 24h Yes


Shortcomings (!) BBVA Modality More Essential Health
BBVA Modality More Health (with or without co-payments)

Outpatient surgical interventions

3 months

High technology diagnostic tests

6 months


6 months
Delivery or cesarean section 8 months
Complex therapeutic methods 10 months
Tubal ligation and vasectomy 10 months

Non-ambulatory surgical interventions and hospitalization

10 months


Contracting rules Modality More Essential Health Modality More Health

Copayments (i)

Yes Optional


() Glossary

Shared payment : is the part of the cost assumed by the insured in the case of certain specific medical tests and services, contained in the insurance policy.

Copayment : is a system by which the user pays a minimum amount every time he uses a general medical service, contained in the insurance policy.

Dental 21 : is a dental insurance that allows you to access a wide range of dental services and enjoy franchised coverage with special prices.

Deficiency period : time that elapses between the insurance registration date and the possibility of requesting certain assistance services or coverages.

Clínica Universidad de Navarra : expand your medical picture and access this prestigious clinic in your offices in Pamplona or Madrid. Recruitment is available for insured persons with habitual domicile throughout Spain, except La Rioja, Navarra and Cantabria. The services and specialties contracted in the main health care policy are included, as long as the Clínica Universidad de Navarra offers them within the specialties agreed upon with Sanitas. It is necessary to carry out a health questionnaire to contract this supplement and the grace periods established in the General Condition of the main policy for which it is contracted will apply.

What is the Blua Digital Add-on?

It is the digital offer for customers who already have a BBVA Health Insurance. Includes video consultations with Sanitas specialists, exclusive home services and digital prevention programs.

Who is it aimed at?

To all those people with a BBVA Health Insurance who wish personalized medical attention avoiding travel and saving time.
You can hire it at any time.

What digital services does it include?

Warranty Description
Video consultations with a medical specialist + Emergency 24 hours General medicine, gynecology, urology, pediatrics, dermatology, allergology, endocrinology, oncology, internal medicine, rheumatology, hematology, digestive system, dentistry, obstetrics, cardiology, nephrology, general surgery, pain management, geriatrics, psychology and psychiatry, second medical opinion
Prevention programs with a team of specialized consultants connected by video consultation, chat and telephone
  • Nutrition, psychology, personal trainer, healthy child, pelvic and maternal child care.
Exclusive services included
  • Medication reimbursement (50%, limit € 200).
  • Delivery of medication at home (6 services per insured person / year).
  • Home analytics for reimbursement (two per year, limit 200 €) and 100% of travel expenses up to € 60.


In addition, you can manage everything related to your health in the BBVA Salud app or on the Mi Sanitas – BBVA Salud website .

What is the form of payment?

The supplement premium is annual, but paid monthly.

  • For insured policies, monthly € 20 will be added to your receipt.
  • For policies of 2 or more insured, monthly € 40 per month will be added to your receipt.

What other features does it have?

The contracting age will be the same as the contracting age of your BBVA Health Insurance.

It does not have deficiencies or pre-existences.

The duration of the supplement is annual. It will not be possible to withdraw until the date of renewal of the policy.

COPAGO: The video consultation will be considered as a face-to-face consultation when generating the copayment, so if the main product is co-payment, the video consultation will also be. However, in 2018 the co-payment for video consultation will not be charged to customers with this supplement.

If you are already a client of the BBVA Health Insurance, you can manage your policy, your medical information, your appointments …

  • Download the BBVA Salud app and discover everything you can do, wherever you are.
  • Register on the Mi Sanitas – BBVA Salud website and access the customer area to manage your policy and your health.

Insurance company

BBVA Salud: Product co-insured at 50% by BBVASeguros, SA de Seguros y Reaseguros and Sanitas, SA de Seguros. Both entities registered in the Register of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the keys C-0502 and C-320 respectively.


BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERATOR OF BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, SA registered in the Special Administrative Register of Insurance Mediators of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV-0060. Agreed Civil Liability Insurance and has financial capacity.

More information

To enjoy BBVA Plan EstarSeguro you have to buy the BBVA Plan EstarSeguro card, without interest, commissions or additional costs. Card subject to prior approval by BBVA.

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Utilities of the deferred payment with a card

We tell you how you can help the deferred payment of credit cards

This desired trip is approached, this reform that can not wait or that unforeseen expense. Situations thank you very much have flexibility to face those payments. For this, a possible alternative is credit cards, a means of payment that allows you to postpone the payment of expenses . But how exactly works?

A credit card has several payment methods, which allow you to pay all the spent on purchases the following month (without interest) or split the payment of purchases made in several months (with interest).

The BBVA credit cards can be easily managed from the website or from the BBVA app. Quickly and from any site, card payments can be managed quickly and easily, so that the cardholder chooses, among several, the payment method that best suits their circumstances.

Methods of payment with a credit card

The first modality of payment is a total payment , which is set by default on the credit cards of O BBVA, except for the revolving ones. With this option, the amount of the sum of all the purchases made with the card will be charged to the associated account on the 5th of the following month, with no interest. It’s a way to postpone the following month’s purchases, and pay them without interest.

With the deferred payment you return the amount spent in several installments. You can choose between paying a fixed amount each month or paying a fixed percentage of what you spent. This modality entails the collection of interest, which is specified in the credit card agreement.

Lastly, the personalized payment allows you to split the payment of the transactions you choose, provided that these are more than € 50. You can choose between pay from 3 to 36 six months with interest or in 3 or 6 months in exchange for a commission.

It should be remembered that BBVA credit cards can be managed easily through the Internet , and can modify these types of payments at the moment. For more information, consult the complete catalog of BBVA cards and discover all its advantages.

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‘Financia Adelante’ contributes 95 million for 12 lines of business growth and aims to generate 15,000 jobs

The Minister of Employment, Business and Economy of the Castilian-La Mancha Government, Patricia Franco, has presented the Plan ‘Financia Adelante’, a new strategy within the ‘Plan Adelante’ promoted by the Regional Executive by which will be made available to companies autonomic a total of 95.5 million euros of financing to meet their different needs depending on their size and evolution process.

In a press conference where he was accompanied by the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, Franco has detailed that it is about a dozen lines of work, with loans and guarantees, divided into microloans depending on whether they are greater than 100,000 euros or do not- faster than you can blink.

There will be three natural phases, from initial to consolidation, through development, parallel stages to the evolution of companies.

In the initial phase, there is the program ‘Adelántate’, for entrepreneurship projects to subsidize the people who are encouraged to create a company, with up to 30,000 euros per person, 100,000 euros per project. Also, the ‘e-Founding’ program to get cooperation between entrepreneurs.

In the second phase there will be six programs to help companies that already exist in industrial estates; another strategy to boost the return of Castilian-La Mancha and the return of relocated companies in the region; and another to ensure the relief in the direction of business to alleviate the imminent business closures. The other three programs range from innovation, through investment financing or internationalization.


Finally, in the business consolidation phase, there are programs to enhance the processes of merger or purchase of companies, to “favor the business union”; as well as programs for business expansion.

“We are also proposing a program that would see the light soon, which are loans to restructure companies with complications,” said Franco, detailing that these European fund shares would be accompanied.

All these programs, plus the line of both financial and technical guarantees, “have to do with the theory of communicating vessels, so that not a single euro remains without spending.”

They will be 95.5 million euros to support all these axes of action by the regional government, which will serve to articulate the dozen measures designed by the team led by Patricia Franco.


Franco has detailed that this strategy will serve to strengthen the business sector of the region. After thanking the presence to the financial entities and allusions to his stay in the initiatives of the Government, he has also celebrated that this program ‘Financing Adelante’ serves to “promote the public initiative of the hand of the enterprise initiative”.

As he explained, this initiative “aims to improve access to finance” of regional companies, and one of the most prominent issues of the strategy is “to accompany all business strategies that have already been put on the table after the pact for financial recovery “.

This plan to support financing, “with a permanent look at employment”, incorporates some new features such as improving financial conditions in terms of job creation.

“This program already existed, we had put on the table initiatives to improve financing, but now we have given it the necessary form and it is now when we close the circle of the six axes of the Plan Adelante”, explained Franco, who pointed out that the strategy total is already “solid” for the business sector to make use of it.

After closing this circle and the “transversal axis” of the Plan Adelante, he has considered that “the fruits are being seen”. For this reason, it has highlighted some data, such as the creation of 5,700 companies in this legislature; or the fall in the dissolution of entities by 33 percent in the month of June – leading the national ranking.

It has also highlighted the two years of GDP growth above the average; the record of exports to more than 7,000 million expected this year; and the drop in unemployment “by more than 17 percent in these two years of economic recovery”, data accompanied by 46,000 more employed.

“But these small data of the situation can not make us lower our guard.” There are still companies with difficulties and this initiative adds further reinforcement to the economic situation, “he said, adding that this plan” is endowed with the three public instruments with those that the Meeting counts, like the Institute of Finances, Aval Castilla-La Mancha and Sodicaman “.

The intention is to “be at the service of companies and link growth with economic generation”, according to Franco, who has added the factors of “positive discrimination” to finance companies, such as the employability of women, people with disabilities or the generation of employment in more disadvantaged areas.

García-Page has taken the floor to ensure that this strategy “could generate around 15,000 jobs”, and all this in an economy “that is not simple”.

To promote this creation of employment, he has asserted that the plans go through “guarantee financing” since “a significant amount of money is necessary” so that companies can continue to operate.

“The crisis we have experienced has to do with short-circuiting money, and that’s what we guarantee here,” said García-Page, while he said that “there is not a single region in Spain that moves every day. so many decisions to generate employment and wealth “.

The president of the employers’ association Castilian-La Mancha, Angel Nicolás, has taken the floor to celebrate the problem of corporate financing in part, after which he recalled that the global crisis and the delay of European institutions in solving it together with the lower activity “caused the adjustment to come due to the withdrawal of financing”.

“Many companies closed because they did not have financing, since Cecam, we always ask for measures to alleviate the damage to the productive fabric, measures that were materialized with some instruments,” said Nicolás, who in any case has said that it has not translated into greater activity.

For this reason, he has asked to confront the business “weakness” with more funds available. Thus, he has committed the work of his business organization to improve the situation, and has considered that this plan is “one more step to fulfill what has been claimed, which is more support to companies and freelancers”.

“It is the first stone of a building that can not be built if we do not do it together.” Let us all make this instrument an effective tool for creating employment, and for our part, you can be sure that we will continue with the same proactive attitude. so that the companies see in this a support “, has asserted, adding that it will spread the benefits of this plan so that the whole sector knows its” transversal character “.

At this point, he said that emphasis will be placed on innovation and growth in international markets, since in these fields “the regional companies perform well, and with the ‘Financia Adelante’ they will have one more instrument”.

In the same way, has indicated that it will serve to establish measures aimed at further dimensioning regional companies, thus alleviating “one of the problems of the sector” Castilian-La Mancha for its small business size.