‘Financia Adelante’ contributes 95 million for 12 lines of business growth and aims to generate 15,000 jobs

The Minister of Employment, Business and Economy of the Castilian-La Mancha Government, Patricia Franco, has presented the Plan ‘Financia Adelante’, a new strategy within the ‘Plan Adelante’ promoted by the Regional Executive by which will be made available to companies autonomic a total of 95.5 million euros of financing to meet their different needs depending on their size and evolution process.

In a press conference where he was accompanied by the regional president, Emiliano García-Page, Franco has detailed that it is about a dozen lines of work, with loans and guarantees, divided into microloans depending on whether they are greater than 100,000 euros or do not- faster than you can blink.

There will be three natural phases, from initial to consolidation, through development, parallel stages to the evolution of companies.

In the initial phase, there is the program ‘Adelántate’, for entrepreneurship projects to subsidize the people who are encouraged to create a company, with up to 30,000 euros per person, 100,000 euros per project. Also, the ‘e-Founding’ program to get cooperation between entrepreneurs.

In the second phase there will be six programs to help companies that already exist in industrial estates; another strategy to boost the return of Castilian-La Mancha and the return of relocated companies in the region; and another to ensure the relief in the direction of business to alleviate the imminent business closures. The other three programs range from innovation, through investment financing or internationalization.


Finally, in the business consolidation phase, there are programs to enhance the processes of merger or purchase of companies, to “favor the business union”; as well as programs for business expansion.

“We are also proposing a program that would see the light soon, which are loans to restructure companies with complications,” said Franco, detailing that these European fund shares would be accompanied.

All these programs, plus the line of both financial and technical guarantees, “have to do with the theory of communicating vessels, so that not a single euro remains without spending.”

They will be 95.5 million euros to support all these axes of action by the regional government, which will serve to articulate the dozen measures designed by the team led by Patricia Franco.


Franco has detailed that this strategy will serve to strengthen the business sector of the region. After thanking the presence to the financial entities and allusions to his stay in the initiatives of the Government, he has also celebrated that this program ‘Financing Adelante’ serves to “promote the public initiative of the hand of the enterprise initiative”.

As he explained, this initiative “aims to improve access to finance” of regional companies, and one of the most prominent issues of the strategy is “to accompany all business strategies that have already been put on the table after the pact for financial recovery “.

This plan to support financing, “with a permanent look at employment”, incorporates some new features such as improving financial conditions in terms of job creation.

“This program already existed, we had put on the table initiatives to improve financing, but now we have given it the necessary form and it is now when we close the circle of the six axes of the Plan Adelante”, explained Franco, who pointed out that the strategy total is already “solid” for the business sector to make use of it.

After closing this circle and the “transversal axis” of the Plan Adelante, he has considered that “the fruits are being seen”. For this reason, it has highlighted some data, such as the creation of 5,700 companies in this legislature; or the fall in the dissolution of entities by 33 percent in the month of June – leading the national ranking.

It has also highlighted the two years of GDP growth above the average; the record of exports to more than 7,000 million expected this year; and the drop in unemployment “by more than 17 percent in these two years of economic recovery”, data accompanied by 46,000 more employed.

“But these small data of the situation can not make us lower our guard.” There are still companies with difficulties and this initiative adds further reinforcement to the economic situation, “he said, adding that this plan” is endowed with the three public instruments with those that the Meeting counts, like the Institute of Finances, Aval Castilla-La Mancha and Sodicaman “.

The intention is to “be at the service of companies and link growth with economic generation”, according to Franco, who has added the factors of “positive discrimination” to finance companies, such as the employability of women, people with disabilities or the generation of employment in more disadvantaged areas.

García-Page has taken the floor to ensure that this strategy “could generate around 15,000 jobs”, and all this in an economy “that is not simple”.

To promote this creation of employment, he has asserted that the plans go through “guarantee financing” since “a significant amount of money is necessary” so that companies can continue to operate.

“The crisis we have experienced has to do with short-circuiting money, and that’s what we guarantee here,” said García-Page, while he said that “there is not a single region in Spain that moves every day. so many decisions to generate employment and wealth “.

The president of the employers’ association Castilian-La Mancha, Angel Nicolás, has taken the floor to celebrate the problem of corporate financing in part, after which he recalled that the global crisis and the delay of European institutions in solving it together with the lower activity “caused the adjustment to come due to the withdrawal of financing”.

“Many companies closed because they did not have financing, since Cecam, we always ask for measures to alleviate the damage to the productive fabric, measures that were materialized with some instruments,” said Nicolás, who in any case has said that it has not translated into greater activity.

For this reason, he has asked to confront the business “weakness” with more funds available. Thus, he has committed the work of his business organization to improve the situation, and has considered that this plan is “one more step to fulfill what has been claimed, which is more support to companies and freelancers”.

“It is the first stone of a building that can not be built if we do not do it together.” Let us all make this instrument an effective tool for creating employment, and for our part, you can be sure that we will continue with the same proactive attitude. so that the companies see in this a support “, has asserted, adding that it will spread the benefits of this plan so that the whole sector knows its” transversal character “.

At this point, he said that emphasis will be placed on innovation and growth in international markets, since in these fields “the regional companies perform well, and with the ‘Financia Adelante’ they will have one more instrument”.

In the same way, has indicated that it will serve to establish measures aimed at further dimensioning regional companies, thus alleviating “one of the problems of the sector” Castilian-La Mancha for its small business size.